1. Renewal of cultural sights

In February 2022 started renewing works on reconstruction of the north-western wing of the manor house on the basis of approved documentation. Construction works are realized by the winning candidate EUROBAL s.r.o. They do all the activities under supervision of the coordinator of the monument restoration and a Monument Board. Expected finishing date of the construction works is April, 2023.

March 2022

  • Preparing (demolishing) works
  • Dogging of connections, water, electricity, gas, sewerage
  • Laying of distribution system of gas and water, installation of sewerage shafts, sewerage system, Backfill of the distribution system, wiring cable, formation of beds under the connection system, backfill of the connection system

April 2022

  • Digging of grooves for distribution system (gas, electricity, water, sewerage)
  • Excavation of earth in the interior, archeological exploration
  • Spading around the fundations from the inner space

May 2022

  • Cleaning the rubble in the area
  • Archeological exploration of the cleaned rooms

June 2022

  • Assembling of wiring distribution system
  • Demolishing and digging works – directed by Jelšava
  • Spading around the fundations from the inner space – directed by Jelšava
  • Cleaning of foundation masonry
  • Assembling of IPT boards on foundation masonry
  • Finishing mason of arch, openings, walls – masonry from PP bricks

August 2022

  • Interior mason work
  • Assembling of floor ventilation
  • Clearance of the foundations from the outside
  • Repairing and insulation of fundamental walls (including cleaning and splicing)
  • Making of clay sealing (protection of insulation from water)
  • Laying of foil and KARA nets on the 2nd floor

September 2022

  • Assembling of IPT boards on the floor, assembling of ventilation of IPT boards
  • Laying of KARA nets on the floor
  • Concreting of coating

October 2022

  • Building of partitions
  • Assembling of wiring distribution system
  • Infilling the holes
  • Insulation of the ceiling, including a vapour barrier
  • Assembling of ZTI distributions