2. Community programme

The community programme is divided into individual activities which will be possible to realize only after the reconstruction of manor’s premises, for example opening of a cafe, crafts programme or implementing of trainings and education in the field of art and craft. Despite the realization of the project, we are running some partial activities on local and international level, through organizing of events and activities in the town:

  • involving of the community in preparing and helping works in the premises of the manor house and its courtyard.
  • Programme of enviromental awareness and education (Earth day 4/22, planting of greenery 12/21 and 10/22)
  • Programme of deradicalisation, hate manifesting and cognitive safety (events Walls of Solitude 7/22, Let’s not forget 9/2022)
  • During the event Let’s not forget, children from the local association YMCA planted daffodil bulbs in the shape of the Star of David, so they will bloom in spring in honour of International day of solidarity with freed political prisoners and fighters against fascism (April, 11th)